The Spencers – Day 9

09-07-18_5-05-50 PM (2)

I woke up Monday morning to the sounds of the twins talking softly and chewing their crunchy cereal. I was still tired from going to bed so late last night, and I’d only managed to get my homework a quarter of the way done. I’d made sure the kids did their homework, though. It was important to me that they maintain good grades to keep Social Services away.

09-07-18_5-19-11 PM (2)

The twins got along great together, so I had no complaints. Kylie even declared Cole to be her best friend this morning. They were an affectionate pair, often hugging each other — and me when they felt the urge. It was no surprise to me that after her declaration, Kylie hugged her brother lovingly.

09-07-18_5-20-47 PM (2)

As usual, they were ready for school before me and hurried off to catch their bus. I was still eating breakfast and needed a quick bath, which would make me a bit late. I did the best I could considering our circumstances.

09-07-18_6-13-01 PM (2)

When the school day was over, I saw that my garden needed tending. The soil had dried out in the desert sun, and some new weeds had sprouted since yesterday. I immediately watered the garden and yanked out the weeds, knowing we needed the garden to thrive.

09-07-18_6-22-16 PM (2)

I’d gone into the bedroom to rest for a few minutes before starting on my homework. Cole burst into the room with Kylie right behind him. He was angry from having a bad day at school. Cole was usually pretty even-keeled, and I hoped it was just a passing phase.

Ever the doting sister, Kylie tried to calm her brother down. “Cole, just take a deep breath like this and let it out. Whatever happened at school is over. You’re home now.”

Cole listened to his new BFF, taking a deep breath and forcefully blowing it out, letting out his frustrations as he expelled the air.

09-07-18_6-23-10 PM (2)

“Thanks, Kylie. That helped a little. I had an awful day today and I’m just really frustrated.”

“It’s OK. We all have bad days.”

When the kids had settled down, we all got started on our homework. A few minutes later, Kylie had to use the bathroom and came out, saying, “Emma, the toilet’s broken again.”

“Thanks, kiddo. I’ll take care of it.” Once I’d repaired the leak, Kylie helped mop up the water on the floor.

09-07-18_6-25-09 PM (2)

While I was in the bathroom, I noticed there was a ring around the tub, so I got down on my knees and scoured it clean.

I told the kids they could go fishing once they’d finished their homework. It was a win-win — they enjoyed it and it earned us some money, too.

09-07-18_6-33-30 PM (2)

That gave me some peace and quiet to focus on my own homework.

09-07-18_6-35-18 PM (2)

I was getting bored reading the long chapter I’d been assigned and decided to entertain myself. I made the book open and close like it was a mouth, saying ‘blah, blah, blah.’ I snorted and said aloud, “Now you’re really losing it, girl.” Then I buckled down and finished my homework.

09-07-18_6-41-54 PM (2)

Before it got too dark, I harvested the sage, garlic and lemons from the family garden.

09-07-18_6-45-26 PM (2)

The kids had gotten hungry and came back from their fishing expedition. We all sat on our beds and ate yogurt for dinner. Cole washed the dishes and the sink sprang a leak. “Emma — now the sink’s broken!”

09-07-18_6-47-27 PM

“I’m coming. You guys should get to bed. It’s getting late.”

I rushed into the bathroom and did my best to repair the leak quickly. After mopping up the puddle of water on the floor, I sat on my bed and Googled what we’d earned today.

Day 9 profit (2)

Frog breeding was our most profitable venture. Between the new frogs, the kids’ fishing and our garden, we’d amassed another $1,420 in value. I sold off everything except the upgrade parts and garlic, keeping them on hand in case we needed them.

Rebate Day (2)

I’d received a text alert this morning that today is Rebate Day, when a 10% rebate is given for all purchases over $500.

09-08-18_7-08-53 PM (2)

I wanted to take advantage of the rebate and had finally saved enough to build us a 3 x 3 kitchen with an attached 5 x 2 hall to the bedroom. Because of all the issues we’d been having with our cheap bathroom fixtures, I chose to buy a slightly more expensive refrigerator — the Crisponix Adequate — for $675. It was my largest purchase and should qualify for a $68 rebate. I rounded out the kitchen with the following purchases:

  • YumCooker Stove — $400
  • Pure Simplicity Sink — $160
  • BlandCo Contemporary Counters (used) — 3 @ $100 each
  • Slat’s All Folks Door — $50

I was quite low on funds by that point, even after selling the Chillville cooler, so I moved the small bathroom window into the kitchen. The bathroom had a light fixture, but I couldn’t afford one for the kitchen yet, so we needed the natural light during the day.

When the room was finished, I moved the easel into the hall and finally hit the sack. I was completely exhausted, but fell asleep with a smile on my face.

Let’s take a look at where everyone stands with skills at the end of the day.


Day 10 - Emma skills (2)

With their substandard bathroom fixtures constantly needing repairs, Emma gained a bit of handiness skill today, making it to level two. She also got a small boost in gardening skill. She’s now at level three, which allows her to fertilize her plants. However, I’ve been experiencing a glitch where the plants only reach half their maximum harvestables (5 instead of 10 per crop). So, the effort I’d normally put into gardening isn’t worth as much this time. It’s an issue with Seasons I hope will be fixed soon! 😦


Day 10 - Kylie skills (2)

Kylie gained half a level in mental skill, along with a full level of social skill.


Day 10 - Cole skills (2)

Cole also gained half a level each in mental and social skills.


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