The Spencers – Day 12

09-09-18_4-35-30 PM (2)

Cole was grabbing a bath while Kylie and I ate breakfast on Thursday morning. It had been a while since I’d had any fun and I was feeling down in the dumps.

09-09-18_4-41-43 PM (2)

Kylie was always up for a chat and even told me a couple of jokes that made me laugh.

09-09-18_4-41-54 PM (2)

She’s such a sweet kid and always seems to know when someone needs cheering up. As soon as Cole vacated the bathroom, Kylie grabbed a quick bath before school. Cole was the only one to make it out of the house on time today. When it was time to leave, Kylie was still in the tub and I was, once again, finishing my homework. We were both late to school, but at least we’d made it there before anyone called to check on us. We didn’t need that kind of attention.

09-09-18_4-51-45 PM (2)

After school, both Kylie and I were sad. She’d had a bummer of a day at school and wept under the covers. Cole went around the house, picking up our breakfast dishes.

09-09-18_4-53-55 PM (2)

I was having a mood swing and was downright despondent. I was in the bathroom, sobbing quietly, when Cole came in to wash the dishes. Great. I forgot to lock the door. Now I’ve probably upset Cole. That just made me cry more. He finished quickly and left me to my despair. I eventually pulled myself together enough to leave the bathroom.

09-09-18_4-59-11 PM (2)

When Kylie came out of the bedroom, Cole offered her a hug. “C’mere, sis. It’s my turn to cheer you up for a change.”

09-09-18_4-59-35 PM (2)

Kylie hugged her brother and it helped calm her down. They went fishing for a while to keep themselves busy.

09-09-18_5-01-30 PM (2)

I was overtired and decided a nap might do me good. So, while the house was quiet, I dozed off for a bit.

09-09-18_5-07-17 PM (2)

I’m sure the kids were having a much better time fishing than they would’ve had just hanging around the house with me. I’m not very good company right now.

09-09-18_5-11-46 PM (2)

“I want my Mom,” I cried aloud even though no one could hear me. God, I missed her and Dad — so much. I was craving comfort food and made macaroni and cheese for dinner.

09-09-18_5-13-04 PM (2)

Maybe Cole will want to have some with me. Emma will probably think it’s yucky. I sighed heavily.

09-09-18_5-14-00 PM (2)

When the mac and cheese was done, I dished some onto a plate and deeply inhaled the aroma. Mm … smells like home.

09-09-18_5-16-44 PM (2)

Yeah, that pulled me right out of my funk. Brilliant move, reminding yourself of the home you no longer have. I needed to focus on something besides my sad life. I know — I’ll make this place feel like home.

Day 12 profit (2)

I Googled what we’d made today after creating plasma packs out of the inexpensive fish and frogs we had on hand. It was just over $2,100. I got to work on a major renovation, including:

  • Expanding the kitchen into an open-space living area
  • Adding a second bedroom for the twins
  • Painting and adding flooring
  • Purchasing some basic living room furniture and a TV
  • Trading in my Gordian cot for a comfortable double bed
  • Upgrading our toilet and swapping out the tub for a shower

09-09-18_8-06-16 PM (2)

When I’d finished the renovation, I was tired again and gladly dozed off on my new bed.

09-09-18_8-14-00 PM (2)

I was still a little down when I woke up, so I watched the cooking channel for a while.

09-09-18_8-16-09 PM (2)

The kids had come back from fishing, and Kylie joined me on the sofa to eat her dinner — yet another sandwich instead of my yummy mac and cheese.

09-09-18_8-30-04 PM (2)

One room I hadn’t been able to afford to do much with yet was the kids’ room. I wanted to upgrade their beds, but we were out of money for now. Maybe tomorrow will be the day we finally finish the house. It’s a lofty, but worthwhile goal.

Now for another look at our skill levels:


Day 12 Emma skills (2)

Emma was too busy with her mood swing (very sad +50) to work on her skills. She only posted small gains in charisma and cooking.


Day 12 Kylie skills (2)

Kylie gained a full level in mental skill from her time fishing. She’s well on her way to maxing this skill.


Day 12 Cole skills (2)

Cole gained more than a full level in mental skill. He, too, may max this skill before aging up.

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