Meet the Wilsons

Before we dive into the Toddler Mania Challenge, let’s learn a few things about Sonya and Jesse Wilson and their six adorable toddlers.

The Parents — Sonya & Jesse:

Sonya 400 (2)

Sonya traits (2)

Sonya aspiration (2)

Sonya, a cheerful, creative, young woman, is married to the love of her life, Jesse Wilson. Together, they have six toddlers — 3 girls and 3 boys — most of whom were adopted. But it makes no difference to Sonya and Jesse. They love them all equally. Sonya’s aspiration is to be a Super Parent. She will be the primary caregiver in the challenge and is not allowed to have a career.

Jesse 400

Jesse traits (2)

Jesse aspiration (2)

Jesse adores his wife and dotes on his children. He is a creative soul and likes a clean, orderly environment. It can be a challenge having six toddlers underfoot — they are messy little tykes — but Jesse takes it in stride because he loves them so much. Jesse’s aspiration is to have a Big, Happy Family.

The kids come first for both Jesse and Sonya, and they’re determined to raise their large family to the best of their ability. Both are homebodies, happy to live the domestic life. Jesse is allowed to have a career, according to challenge rules. Depending on how the first few days go, he may or may not have one. However, Jesse will help support his family financially in some way.

The Toddlers — Annie, Fiona, Isabel, Isaac, Samuel & Wyatt:

Now, let’s have a look at our six toddlers — ladies first.

Annie 400 angelic

Annie is an angelic toddler who radiates happiness and showers her family with hugs. She’s so easygoing, you can’t help but love her.

Fiona 400 fussy

Fiona, our only alien toddler, is a fussy little girl. She is the antithesis of Annie and keeps her parents (and her siblings) on their toes. She is likely to throw a tantrum if she wants attention or doesn’t get her way.

I just noticed that the pattern of Fiona’s dress includes an image strikingly similar to the ‘fussy’ trait icon. That wasn’t intentional but is making me smile. 🙂

Isabel 400 independent

Isabel — Miss Independent — is a precocious toddler with a keen intellect and a stubborn streak. She’s happiest when she’s learning new things on her own. While she doesn’t need attention as much as her siblings, Isabel can be challenging as she rebels against those who attempt to tell her what to do, namely her parents.

Isaac 400 inquisitive

Isaac is an inquisitive little guy with the most adorable curly locks and bright, curious eyes. When Isaac learns to talk, his first words are likely to be, ‘What’s that?’ and the ever-popular, ‘Why?’

Samuel 400 silly

Samuel is a silly boy with a vivid imagination. You can often find Samuel giggling and making everyone around him laugh at his antics. As soon as he can form words, he’ll be cracking jokes.

Wyatt 400 wild

Last but not least, there’s Wyatt, our wild toddler. He’s the most energetic of the bunch, always running around, dancing and generally being active. This little guy doesn’t often sit still.

Sonya's relationships (2)

The image above shows Sonya’s relationships with her family members at the start of the challenge. You may have noticed a trend in how the toddlers were named. For the readers’ benefit as well as my own, the toddlers’ names and traits begin with the same letter — and sound alike whenever possible.

  • Angelic Annie
  • Fussy Fiona
  • Independent Isabel
  • Inquisitive Isaac
  • Silly Samuel
  • Wild Wyatt

I hope this helps you as much as it does me. 🙂

Home Sweet Home:

Starting Over lot (2)

Building is not my forte, nor do I particularly enjoy it. I had previously downloaded the Starting Over lot by marjia from the gallery, and it seemed to fit the bill. It was very affordable at only §17,992. The Wilson family had starting funds of §34,000, so there was plenty left to customize the home to their unique needs.

Starting Over location (2)

I placed the house on Bargain Bend, a 30 x 20 corner lot in the Foundry Cove neighborhood of Willow Creek, assigning it with the lot traits of Homey, Natural Light and Child’s Play.

Starting Over interior (2)

Starting Layout:

I chose this house because it had an easy-to-play, open layout, with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. I saw how easily I’d be able to combine the two bedrooms along the side of the house and create a very large room to accommodate all six toddlers.

09-30-18_12-02-57 PM (2)

Customized Layout:

In addition to setting up the toddler bedroom, I removed the laundry room and closet. (I don’t have the Laundry Day stuff pack.) This gave me enough space to expand the bathrooms and bring in an additional tub to bathe the toddlers. I also upgraded some of the fixtures, appliances and cabinets. The clutter you see on the floor of the toddlers’ room consists of Wabbit Tablets and Nesting Blocks.

When the remodeling was complete, the Wilsons had §3,098 remaining in their bank account.

Game Setup:

According to challenge rules, I used the Normal lifespan, with auto-aging on. The toddlers will age up to children in 7 days. I kept the standard, 7-day seasons and chose to play in spring. All temperature effects were enabled.

All righty, then! Let’s get this challenge started. Will Sonya and Jesse become the Ultimate Supreme Caregivers or will they barely survive to tell the tale?

If you haven’t checked out the challenge rules, you can do so here.


6 thoughts on “Meet the Wilsons

  1. Love the family and how you used the toddler traits to name them. The parents are an adorable couple and I wish them the best of luck. (Love alien Sims and am glad you included one)

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks, EQ! I needed some kind of system to help me keep track of six toddlers, so the naming convention helps jog my memory. This is the first time I’m playing an alien sim. I didn’t want Fiona to look like your average bald toddler, which is why I decided to change her skintone and give her special eyes. You just can’t see them yet because she’s busy being a crybaby. 😉

      Liked by 2 people

  2. I love EQ’s challenges! Good luck with your family. Toddlers are a handful and having six underfoot will definitely make for a lively household! Very smart way to name them all!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks! I’m really enjoying this challenge. I don’t know what I’d do if I had to play the challenge in real time, though. It would be a hot mess trying to control six toddlers without being able to pause and redirect them. 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks — that was definitely intentional. I still let Jesse and Sonya have a little bit of fun. Gotta keep that marriage going strong! They’re still young and in love, after all. 🙂


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