Day 6 – Love Day

10-21-18_1-07-02 PM (2)

It was a quiet Friday morning in the Wilson household, at least so far. The toddlers were all snuggled in their beds at 7 AM. They had no idea that today was Love Day, nor did they care. Their parents, however, well … that was a different story. They were young and very much in love.

10-21-18_8-32-34 AM (2)

Isabel was the first one up at around 7:30. She really needed to use the potty. Fiona got up right after Isabel, for the same reason. When she finished her business, Isabel threw herself against Blarffy, giving him a big, bear hug.

10-21-18_8-36-00 AM (2)

Then Isabel began telling Fiona chicken butt jokes, and Fiona laughed and joked about penguins.

10-21-18_8-37-18 AM (2)

As soon as Sonya woke up, she checked on the toddlers. She found Isabel and Fiona chatting, Isaac on the potty, Annie heading that way and Samuel and Wyatt still fast asleep. Since everything was going well, she left the room to make french toast for breakfast.

10-21-18_8-37-57 AM (2)

Fiona and Isabel continued chatting and telling jokes, entertaining each other.

10-21-18_8-53-13 AM (2)

Once Sonya had finished making breakfast and gotten herself dressed, she picked up Fiona and changed her into a comfortable dress.

10-21-18_8-54-49 AM (2)

Jesse had woken up and was going around the house picking up dirty dishes. Before washing them, he checked on the kids and found that Samuel had had a potty accident. Samuel was distraught and the messy room made Jesse uncomfortable. He took the dirty dishes to the kitchen sink and washed them.

10-21-18_8-58-52 AM (2)

Sonya sat on Annie’s bed and was having a nice chat with Isaac, Isabel and Wyatt. While Sonya wasn’t looking, Fiona slipped out of the room and headed for the bathroom … and trouble.

After finishing the dishes, Jesse walked back toward the kids’ room and heard water splashing in the bathroom. When he investigated, he found Fiona playing in the toilet again.

“Fiona, no!” Jesse exclaimed. “That water’s dirty! You don’t play in the toilet.” He shuddered when he thought about all the germs on his daughter’s delicate skin and face. “Come with me, sweetheart. Daddy’s going to have to give you a bath right now.”

10-21-18_9-06-15 AM (2)

Of course, Fiona was quite happy to play in the bathtub. She loved the water, and especially bubble baths. Jesse gently scrubbed her hands, face and arms to be sure she was squeaky clean once again.

10-21-18_9-08-07 AM (2)

Isabel and Wyatt both ran toward the kitchen to grab breakfast, while Samuel stayed behind with his cup of milk. He was still upset about his potty accident.

10-21-18_9-15-04 AM (2)

Once Samuel had finished his milk, he brought the empty cup into the kitchen, where he found Sonya. He put his arms up toward her and she crouched down and gave her son a comforting hug. Fiona had just grabbed a serving of french toast and watched her Mommy hug Samuel. With all the attention she’d just received from her Daddy, she wasn’t even jealous of Samuel, which was a pleasant change. Annie hadn’t eaten yet and was on her way to grab a plate.

10-21-18_9-23-27 AM (2)

Annie, Isaac and Fiona ate their breakfast together while Wyatt watched TV.

10-21-18_9-24-07 AM (2)

Back in the kids’ room, Jesse cleaned the potties and mopped up the spill. Then he started building something on the Buildems Blocks Play Table so the kids could finally use it.

Samuel was still sad, so Sonya brought him into the kids’ room, changed his clothes and started playing blocks with him.

Jesse and Sonya were getting hungry, so they both headed to the kitchen for some breakfast. Samuel was right behind them.

When they got in the kitchen, Jesse pulled Sonya into his arms and gave her a big kiss.

“Happy Love Day, babe!”

“Happy Love Day to you, too!” She smiled at the love of her life who had utterly distracted her. She whispered, “What was I doing again?”

Jesse and Samuel both grabbed plates and headed out of the kitchen.

10-21-18_9-35-36 AM (2)

All the kids were done eating except for Samuel, who was still a little sad. While they were eating breakfast, Jesse made Samuel laugh by making funny faces, and Samuel’s sad mood finally lifted.

When Jesse finished breakfast, he scooped up all the dirty dishes from around the room and washed them in the kitchen sink. Then he went to the bathroom and cleaned the sink. Jesse had always been a bit of a neat freak, but with six toddlers, he wanted to be absolutely certain the house was clean as a whistle.

10-21-18_9-50-38 AM (2)

Sonya went into the kids’ room, grabbed a book and called them all over. Everyone sat down, either on a bed or the floor, with the exception of Wyatt. That little guy doesn’t like to sit still very often. Once the kids were settled, Sonya began reading to them.

When Jesse finished cleaning the bathroom sink, he saw that Sonya had all the kids entertained and decided this was his chance to get out and forage in the neighborhood.

10-21-18_9-58-10 AM (2)

It was a gorgeous spring day, and Jesse was happy to be outside for a little while. Just beyond their property was a spot where Jesse had previously found a collectible, so he ventured there again and unearthed a Plumbite worth §160. “Score!” he said to himself.

10-21-18_10-13-22 AM (2)

“Maybe this will be my lucky day,” he muttered to himself as he walked toward the canal that bordered one edge of their property. He’d found a frog in an old log there before and was hoping to find another. He gingerly reached his hand inside and pulled out a Surfer Leaf frog. Then he started heading toward the community garden.

On his way there, Jesse picked snapdragons and bluebells and found another frog — this time, a Sunsurfer frog worth §125. He bred the Surfer Leaf and Sunsurfer frogs and ended up with another Sunsurfer frog. “Cool. Now I can breed frogs and make money for the family without even leaving the house,” he said to himself.

At the community garden, he harvested strawberries, mushrooms and more flowers before heading back home.

10-21-18_9-58-36 AM (2)

Meanwhile, back at the house, things were going so well that Sonya decided to read the kids a second book. Toward the end, Annie started crying. She was tired of sitting still and wanted to do something else. All the other kids were still enraptured, so Sonya finished the book and then put it away.

10-21-18_10-08-14 AM (2)

As soon as Sonya had finished reading, the kids headed to the potties en masse to relieve themselves. Fiona and Isaac were tuckered out and curled up on their beds to take a nap. Sonya worked on the play table for a few minutes, trying to finish the building she and Jesse had been working on.

10-21-18_10-24-26 AM (2)

Then most of the kids went back to playing with their blocks or with the SimShape tablet app. Sonya helped Annie learn her shapes.

As soon as Sonya left the room, Isabel walked into the hallway and studied the bookcase. She was definitely up to something. Like a whirling dervish, Isabel played in the bookcase. In a cloud of feverish activity, she grabbed at books and pages went flying. Whether the books were intact at the end of her play session is anyone’s guess.

10-21-18_10-43-27 AM (2)

After Isabel was done wreaking havoc in the hallway, she was tired and took a nap, along with Annie and Samuel.

Fiona was refreshed after having just woken up from her nap. So, Jesse seized the opportunity to teach Fiona her numbers using flashcards.

Fiona seemed to think that if she looked at the flashcard at all angles, it would be easier to decipher.

10-21-18_10-54-40 AM (2)

When the kids were all awake once again, Sonya decided to teach Annie shapes on her blocks after Annie finished hugging Blarffy. Jesse worked with Fiona on her shapes as well. Wyatt and Isabel were doing well on their own.

10-21-18_10-58-05 AM (2)

By 10:00, Fiona was angry because she was overtired and headed to bed for a nap. Sonya finally finished building a house on the play table, and now the kids would be able to play with their new toy. She left the kids with Jesse and went to take a shower.

At one point or another, all the kids had taken naps during the day but they were still getting sleepy. Some were ready for bed, but they hadn’t had dinner yet so they took naps instead. Once most of the kids had crawled into bed, Jesse grabbed a shower.

Sonya prepared Italian meatballs for dinner. Jesse was inspired after his shower, so he pulled out a new canvas and started painting.

10-21-18_11-13-59 AM (2)

Wyatt and Annie were the only two kids still awake. Annie was playing with her SimShape app, while Wyatt played with the new toy his parents had built.

10-21-18_11-21-41 AM (2)

It was well after midnight when the family finally ate dinner. Jesse chatted with the kids while watching the cooking channel. When the kids finished their meal, they went to sleep for the night.

It was now 1:20 AM and Sonya and Jesse had yet to celebrate Love Day. Jesse gave Sonya a single, long-stemmed red rose he had bought for her.

“For my darling wife. Happy Love Day, babe!”

Sonya inhaled the sweet aroma and said, “Thank you. I love it.”

Then Sonya surprised Jesse with a red rose of his own. She had included a card that read, ‘You are my heart, my soul, my treasure. My today, my tomorrow, my forever. My everything.’ 

Jesse put his hand over his heart, saying, “Aw, babe. You know I feel the same way, right? I’m just not as good with words as you are.” Then he embraced his wife and kissed her with all the passion he felt in his heart.

“You know how I want to celebrate Love Day, right? With my gorgeous wife. First, I’m going to grab some dinner because I’m starving.”

Sonya was exhausted and tried to stifle her yawn but was unsuccessful. “I’m going to check on the kids.”

10-21-18_11-34-53 AM (2)

Sonya tried teaching Fiona her shapes before they were both too tired to continue.

10-21-18_11-36-56 AM (2)

Jesse came in looking for Sonya because he wanted to spend time with his wife, especially on Love Day. He flirted with Sonya, and Fiona snapped at him. She’s overtired and cranky and doesn’t want her Daddy vying for her Mommy’s attention. Jesse talked calmly to Fiona, and she was happy once she was the center of attention again.

By 2 AM, Love Day was officially over, and both Jesse and Sonya considered it a moderate success. They didn’t have their usual romantic date night, but they’d managed to squeeze in a little romance before the day was over, even with six toddlers underfoot.

It was after 4 AM by the time Sonya put Fiona to bed. Jesse did the dinner dishes while Sonya cleaned the potty and then crawled into bed. Jesse joined her a few minutes later. They both passed out as soon as their heads hit the pillows. It was a good thing they were young because it was a grueling pace keeping up with their large brood.

Let’s take a look at skills at the end of Day 6:

The toddlers:

Toddler skills - day 6 (2)

As a reminder, the yellow-highlighted skills represent the ‘Happy Toddler’ reward trait levels, while the green-highlighted skills are at the ‘Top-Notch Toddler’ level. Potty skill is maxed at level 3.

If the kids were to age up today, everyone except Fussy Fiona would receive the ‘Happy Toddler’ reward trait. She still needs half a level in imagination skill. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, she is by far the most challenging toddler in the family.

The most important accomplishment today was getting all toddlers to level 4 in thinking skill. This should be the end to playing in the toilet, which I won’t miss one bit.

The parents:

Parent skills - day 6 (2)

Sonya increased her cooking (+2) and parenting (+1) skills. Jesse gained a level in charisma, dancing, painting and video gaming skills.


6 thoughts on “Day 6 – Love Day

  1. I love how Fiona just wants to play with water and doesn’t much care if it’s in the toilet or the bathtub. And Samuel’s sad face as he holds his milk is just too precious.

    Jesse is such a romantic. Sonya’s like me–very easily distracted. It’s nice they got a few Love Day traditions in. I’m sure next year will be much less hectic for them.

    Sorry I kinda went on commenting hiatus. You actually inspired me to give this challenge a try myself. I got really close to winning and had a lot of fun. Might try it again sometime.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I find the toddlers to be adorable, whether they’re acting out, sad and pouting or happy and giggling to their heart’s content. That’s why I enjoyed this challenge. Glad you gave it a try and had fun with it!

      I have a habit of infusing a bit of my own personality into the female lead and making her partner very much in love with her. Any couple raising six toddlers needs a strong foundation, like Sonya and Jesse’s marriage.


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