Meet the Castaways

Before we dive into The Island Challenge, let’s meet our castaways. According to the challenge rules, two young adult sims have been marooned on a tropical island. They have no skills and nothing in their inventories. Everything else can be decided by the player.

The Castaways:

11-10-18_6-43-19 PM (25%)  Zoe traits (2)

Zoe Grayson is hopeless romantic who loves the outdoors and wants to have a big family someday. She also aspires to be a Freelance Botanist.

11-10-18_6-43-41 PM (25%)  Miles traits (2)

Miles O’Connell is a happy, active guy who loves all outdoor sports, especially fishing. He aspires to be an Angling Ace.

The Island:

Let’s take a closer look at the tropical island that will be home to Zoe and Miles for the foreseeable future. If you haven’t read the challenge rules yet, I’d highly recommend them. This is no ordinary island! When the castaways are washed ashore, they will awaken two gods who will wage a daily battle that determines whether the castaways thrive or perish.

11-11-18_10-36-40 AM (2)_result

The uncharted, unnamed island shown above lies somewhere in the Simsian Sea. It is currently uninhabited, though there are signs that it wasn’t always that way.

11-11-18_10-37-34 AM (2)_result

Although the island is beautiful and the setting is picturesque, a seemingly harmless set of stairs leads to a volcanic pool of molten lava. Infuriate the red fire god, Llamatipoca, and you could find yourself floating in lava until the Grim Reaper collects your soul with his mighty scythe.

11-11-18_10-39-26 AM (2)_result

To the left of the stairs is a fishing pond — one of two sources of food for the island’s inhabitants.

11-11-18_10-47-11 AM (2)_result

There are two areas within swimming distance where fruit trees and other harvestable plants grow. This is the second source of food. This main area contained 5 trees and 3 dragon fruit plants. To accommodate the Seasons expansion pack, I swapped out trees and plants that weren’t currently in season for summer and all-season varieties. You may have noticed that the portal to Sylvan Glades is here as well. Unfortunately, I’ve found that the entrance is blocked by the boulders. (If I’m able to make it accessible somehow, I will.)

11-11-18_10-42-36 AM (2)_result

This secondary planting area features three fruit trees, as well as an entrance to The Forgotten Grotto. Until someone reaches level 10 handiness, we won’t know if the entrance is accessible.

11-11-18_10-40-19 AM (2)_result

The island is littered with a variety of debris accumulated over the years as the tide rolled in — piles of twigs, in particular. Twigs are very important to the challenge as they’re the key to crafting items to make everyone more comfortable. Some of the piles of twigs are huge and obvious, while others are pretty well hidden.

11-11-18_10-40-53 AM (2)_result

Along with the twigs and debris are other useful items, like these skill books that may have washed ashore when a shipping crate fell overboard.

11-11-18_10-45-53 AM (2)_result

This is a view inside the small cave-like room that contains a few very useful items:  a wooden bench, a sink and a woodworking bench. Once the huge twigs are removed, the cave will be easily accessible.

11-11-18_11-09-31 AM (2)_result

The island lot is impenetrable, aside from the main gate. Sims who are washed ashore arrive here and must swim across to the island. The gate is locked so no one can enter or leave. Since the Welcome Wagon can’t enter the lot, everyone is safe from the dreaded fruitcake!

Game Setup:

  • World = Windenburg
  • Lot = Von Windenburg Estate (64 x 64)
    • The Villareals are currently in the market for a new home. 😉
  • Lot Traits = Bracing Breezes, Homey, On Ley Line
  • The Island by Simproved (see Resources page for download link)
  • Aging = off
  • Season = Summer
  • Season Length = 28 days
  • Rain is enabled; snow is not
  • Temperature effects on sims are disabled

That about covers it. Let’s get this challenge started! Will Zoe, Miles and their fellow castaways thrive on their new island home? Or will they succumb to the will of an angry god and become human sacrifices?  *Gulp* 

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    • I’m sure it will be! I’m a control freak, always micro-managing my sims. Having “the gods” take control out of my hands will be an interesting twist to my usual game play. Thanks for reading and commenting, Daijah!

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