Day 3 – Smitten

11-04-18_8-39-11 PM (2)

A couple of hours after sunrise on Tuesday morning, Zoe finished crafting and came out of their makeshift shelter. She noticed that the fruit trees were looking a bit dull after spending the day in the hot summer sun. So, she swam over and watered everything. Then she harvested 10 cherries, 3 avocados, 7 bell peppers and 8 tomatoes and evolved the lemon tree.

While Zoe was busy gardening, Miles had awoken and washed up in the sink. Although he didn’t mind getting sweaty while exercising, he always showered right afterwards. He valued personal hygiene and wasn’t going to allow himself to get smelly, especially around the lovely Zoe.

11-04-18_8-45-24 PM (2)

When Zoe was finished, she swam over to the other miniature garden, harvesting another 26 cherries and evolving one of the cherry trees. She now had a bounty of fresh fruit and vegetables, which would offer Miles and her some variety from an otherwise constant diet of roasted fish. Zoe didn’t mind fish, but it certainly wasn’t her first choice for breakfast.

While she had some semblance of privacy, she relieved herself in the nearby bush.

11-04-18_8-49-49 PM (2)

After Miles had washed up, he crafted a garden planter. Unbeknownst to Miles, Zoe had made one last night while he was sleeping. Miles was proud of his efforts, knowing it was another tool in their survival arsenal.

11-04-18_9-03-19 PM (2)

By this time, Zoe was sleepy and began swimming back to the island. Out of the corner of her eye, she thought she spotted something that looked out of place. She ignored it, chalking it up to being overtired and her salt-water-irritated eyes.

11-04-18_9-09-03 PM (2)

By the time Zoe swam around to the other side of the island, Miles was gone to ‘fertilize’ a bush away from their living area. They were both considerate that way. Zoe curled up on the wooden bench and dozed off.

When Miles swam back to the island, he saw that Zoe was sleeping soundly and decided he could use a little more shut-eye himself. Sadly, the only place available was the bush he’d slept in last night. He’d survived it before, so he leaned back into the bush and let nature take its course. They both napped for a while.

It was a little after 12 noon when Zoe woke up. Even though she was still a bit tired, she was in a flirty mood after dreaming about Miles.

11-04-18_9-17-58 PM (2)

Zoe went around to the other side of the island to investigate her supposed hallucination. When she saw what appeared to be a punching bag and a pair of boxing gloves, she didn’t understand how they had just appeared out of nowhere. Had they been washed ashore?

She was dying to talk to Miles about it. She heard a light snoring sound emanating from a nearby bush and saw a pair of legs sticking out of the bottom. That’s where Miles had been sleeping? Zoe felt terribly selfish and wished Miles had a proper bed to sleep in. Donning the boxing gloves, Zoe took out her frustration on the punching bag.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

About an hour later, Miles woke up and saw Zoe boxing. His eyes wide, he stammered, “What the…? Where did that come from?”

Zoe replied, “I don’t know, Miles. I’m as confused as you are. I was swimming back to the island after doing some gardening this morning and thought I saw something but figured my eyes were playing tricks on me.”

“I suppose it could’ve been washed ashore during high tide. I can’t think of any other explanation for it.”

“Me either. I guess we should be thankful.”

“Yeah, I usually hit the gym a few days a week. This will give me a way to work out besides swimming and calisthenics. The island’s too small and cluttered to go for a decent run.”

11-04-18_9-21-25 PM (2)

Satisfied that they’d solved the mystery, Miles brought out the new garden planter to show Zoe.

“That’s awesome. I made one last night, too. Here, Miles — why don’t you try planting some tomatoes? I harvested some this morning.”

“Great idea. I’m on it.” Miles said as he planted the four tomatoes.

When Miles had finished planting and watering the new tomato plants, Zoe asked, “Want to have some fruit for breakfast?”

“Absolutely,” said Miles, flashing Zoe a big smile. “I’m not really fond of fish for breakfast.”

“I hear you on that,” Zoe said, taking a bite out of a ripe pomegranate and sharing a few cherries with Miles. Miles ate the pomegranate he had reeled in yesterday, as well as a few cherries, until his hunger was sated for the time being.

They were both a little sticky from the juicy pomegranates and headed over to the shelter to wash up.

Zoe walked in ahead of Miles and stopped short, causing Miles to bump into her. He steadied her by the shoulders and said, “Sorry, Zoe. Why’d you stop …?”

11-27-18_8-15-26 PM

“Miles!” Zoe interrupted. “Oh my God, look! We have beds,” she exclaimed.

“Beds? What the…?” Miles peered over Zoe’s shoulder and, sure enough, there were two twin beds across from one another, against the walls. “I don’t understand,” he frowned.

“Miles? What if this isn’t just an ordinary island?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, when I saw you’d been sleeping in a bush, I wished for a comfortable bed for you to sleep in.” She continued at a whisper, her eyebrows raised, “Do you think, maybe, my wish was granted?”

“Unless there’s someone else living on this island, I have no logical explanation for this. There’s no way two fully made beds would’ve washed up ashore and ended up inside this shelter. There’s something really weird about this island.”

“Maybe there’s a benevolent god watching over the island and its inhabitants,” Zoe concluded.

“If there is a god watching over us, let’s hope he or she is benevolent. Otherwise, we could be in a world of trouble.”

11-05-18_9-11-25 PM (2)

“Well, I don’t know about you, Miles, but I’m tired. I’m going to choose to be grateful and sleep in my new bed.” She looked up towards the heavens and said, “Thank you for our beds. We appreciate them!”

“Agreed. I’m exhausted, and this bed looks so much more comfortable than sleeping in a bush.” On that note, they both crawled into bed and fell fast asleep.

11-05-18_8-08-23 PM (2)

After a few hours, Zoe and Miles woke up feeling refreshed. Sleeping in an actual bed is highly underrated!

It was early evening, and they hadn’t fished today. They each ate an avocado to stave off their hunger as they chatted. Zoe had shared a lot about herself with Miles yesterday, but she still didn’t know much about him, even though her instincts told her that he was one of the good guys. She asked Miles, “You’re single, right?”

“Yeah. If I wasn’t, I’d have to be a real dirtbag to go on a singles cruise.” He chuckled.

“Right, of course. Just wanted to be sure.”

“Well, there is someone I have my eye on.”

“Oh,” Zoe blushed. “A handsome guy like you must have women throwing themselves at you all the time.”

11-05-18_8-10-04 PM (2)

“Zoe, I meant you,” Miles said as he lit a fire. The sun had started to set, and the fire provided light as well as warmth.

“You did? Oh, um, that’s good to know.” Zoe stood up. “I’ll be right back. I just want to throw on my clothes. It’s cooled down a bit.”

11-05-18_8-16-27 PM (2)

“Hi. I’m back. Where were we?”

“I was about to tell you that I really like you, Zoe. And I’m wondering if you feel anything for me.”

“Yes, Miles, I do. And, more importantly, I feel like I can trust you.”

“You can trust me, Zoe. I’d never do anything to hurt you.”

11-05-18_8-17-38 PM (2)

Miles walked up to Zoe and gazed into her eyes. He slowly lowered his head until his lips were only an inch apart from hers, giving her a chance to pull away. Instead, she met him halfway, and Miles brushed his lips against hers for their first kiss. When he ended the kiss, he saw his desire reflected in Zoe’s eyes.

11-05-18_8-20-03 PM (2)

Miles tugged Zoe into his arms and kissed her passionately by the light of the fire. Zoe heard a soft whimper and belatedly realized it had come from her. Miles put everything he felt about Zoe into that kiss, and she responded in kind.

11-05-18_8-36-25 PM (2)

When they came up for air, Zoe saw that Miles’s eyes were hooded with desire. She felt the same way and whispered a naughty suggestion in his ear. Miles looked at Zoe, who’d surprised him a little, and smiled at her. He was definitely on board with her plan.

11-05-18_8-37-40 PM (2)

As they arrived in front of the nearest ‘clean’ bush, Zoe looked over at Miles.

11-05-18_8-39-07 PM (2)

Feeling extra naughty, she gently slapped Miles on the behind and said, “Get in there, stud.”

Miles laughed as he entered the bush and pulled Zoe in with him. “You, too, hot stuff.”

11-05-18_8-42-08 PM (2)

Sparks flew as they consummated their new relationship. Their attraction to one another had been instantaneous and, the more they got to know each other, the stronger it became.

11-05-18_8-43-47 PM (2)

As soon as they exited the bush, Zoe kissed Miles, ensuring him that she had no regrets.

11-05-18_8-47-21 PM (2)

Miles smiled at Zoe, saying, “Maybe those matchmakers know what they’re doing after all. We are definitely compatible.”

Zoe agreed. “Yeah, we certainly are.”

Miles gave Zoe a sweet kiss on the cheek. A moment later, he said, “I’m hungry. You?”

“Starving. I guess we must’ve worked up an appetite,” Zoe said with a wink.

Miles smiled, “Mhm. I definitely did.”

They each ate a couple of vegetables from their earlier harvest for dinner.

When they’d finished eating, Miles worked out on the heavy bag.

Zoe got started on another garden planter. She was making great progress until she got distracted and hit herself in the head with the hammer. Ouch!

It was well past midnight, and they were both pretty tired. They each went their separate ways to take care of business. Zoe was the first to wash up in the sink, going right to bed afterwards.

While Miles was washing up, the sink sprang a leak. So, he had to repair it and then clean up the mess before going to sleep in his new bed. All in all, it had been a pretty good day.

Author’s Notes:

At 9 AM on Day 3, I rolled the dice to determine the gods’ will for the day. I rolled:

Dice roll - day 3 (2)

(3) Wow! What is this thing? What does it do? A new skill object gets washed ashore! You won’t believe what mysterious and odd objects can reach this island … amazing! Every skill object except electronic items is allowed. Choose one.

I chose the Don’t Quit Boxing Bag ($400 value) to increase their fitness skill, one of the three required skills to complete the challenge. Between the fruit trees and the pond, island inhabitants can increase gardening and fishing skills fairly easily. Fitness skill is raised slowly by swimming, so this will give them an alternative workout.

We have beds! I used 10 twigs to purchase two twin beds for Miles and Zoe, leaving us with 24 twigs. I was originally going to say they’d crafted the beds out of twigs, but they had nothing to make blankets and pillows, so I went with island lore and a benevolent god. We call her “Player” and she bears a strong resemblance to, well, me.  😉

Finally, a positive dice roll! What will tomorrow hold for our lovebirds? Will they be blessed once again by Player’s generosity? Or will Llamatipoca demand his due?

4 thoughts on “Day 3 – Smitten

    • Yeah, although one could argue that if the god was truly benevolent, what the heck took her so long? Given the choice between sleeping on a hard bench or in a bush, I’d still take the hard bench any day. Poor Miles. LOL. Thanks for reading & commenting!


    • I’ve had lots of problems with last exceptions, and it’s quite frustrating. The island lot was already glitchy because of all the MOO work for the boulders. After the update for Get Famous, it got a lot worse. I removed all mods except MCCC and 7 CAS CC items used in this challenge. Nothing changed. I checked on MCCC’s Discord and learned that, after the update, a lot of people were having trouble with lots that had a pool. Well, our islands are just giant pools, so we’re kinda stuck. We can’t just delete the pool and rebuild it, which is the advice most people are given. I’ve disabled autonomy and tweaked MCCC a bit, and it’s a little better but not much. That’s why there was a delay in updates. I was troubleshooting the last exceptions. Ugh is right. Good luck!


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