Day 4 – Morning Sickness

Zoe awoke abruptly at 8:20 Wednesday morning, her stomach turning violently. She ran to the nearest bush and lurched forward, vomit spewing from her mouth and splashing at her feet. Ugh. How disgusting. She would’ve chalked it up to eating bad fish, but all she’d eaten yesterday were fresh fruits and vegetables.

She wasn’t sure what caused her sudden nausea, but she was glad it was over. As soon as she’d emptied her stomach, the feeling had dissipated. The stench, however, did not. Zoe was in desperate need of a warm shower and a toothbrush.

“Oh, my God — I reek!” She exclaimed, running back to the shelter.

11-05-18_9-17-57 PM (2)

When Miles woke up, he saw Zoe washing up at the sink. She had already brushed her teeth and gotten the stench under control, to her relief. Once she was feeling human again, she realized she was ravenous and ate a few cherries to take the edge off.

As soon as one of Zoe’s needs was met, another reared its head. She said a quick ‘good morning’ to Miles and swam across to the main garden to relieve herself in her designated toilet bush. When she finished, she tended the plants in the area. First, she weeded the avocado tree. Then she harvested everything that was ripe: 17 cherries, 7 green peppers, 3 avocados and 8 tomatoes. With such a bountiful harvest, she decided to try using a few cherries as fertilizer to see if it would improve their crop.

11-06-18_7-40-17 PM (2)

In the meantime, Miles had gotten dressed and gone fishing. Before Zoe returned, he’d managed to catch two small fish — a tetra and a betta — before finally landing a large tuna. To stave off their hunger, they each ate a few cherries until Zoe swam back for lunch.

11-06-18_8-00-25 PM (2)

As soon as Zoe arrived, she lit a fire. It was early afternoon by the time they started roasting the fish Miles had caught. 

11-06-18_8-02-54 PM (2)

While they ate lunch, they shared stories about their families, friends and life before being marooned on the island. As Zoe talked animatedly, she found that Miles was a good listener, yet another trait she valued in a potential mate. Her mind wandered back to their romp in the bush last night, and she felt her cheeks flush.

“Zoe, why are you blushing?”

“I was just thinking about…” She paused for a moment, looking off in the distance.

“About what?” Miles was picking up a flirty vibe from Zoe and definitely wanted to know more.

“You’re a really good kisser,” she blurted out. 

His mouth quirked in a smile, Miles said, “Thanks, Zoe. So are you.”

11-06-18_8-05-55 PM (2)

Miles stood up and took Zoe’s hand, tugging her into his arms. “So, that’s what made you blush? You were thinking about kissing me?”

She nodded as she whispered, “I was thinking about last night … about how you kissed me and … stuff.”

Miles groaned softly and ran his large hands up and down Zoe’s back, marveling at the softness of her skin. Cradling Zoe’s head, Miles took possession of her mouth in a kiss that left them both breathless and wanting more. 

Miles gazed into Zoe’s hooded eyes, his mouth quirked in a sexy smile. “So, what do you say to a little afternoon delight, hot stuff?”

“I say, abso-freaking-lutely, stud.” Zoe stifled a giggle.

Miles took Zoe’s hand and led her to the nearest ‘clean’ bush. He paused in front of it for a second, and Zoe swatted his behind once again, telling him, “Don’t keep a girl waiting now. Get in there already.”

As good as last night’s romp had been, this time was even better. Miles was relieved to learn that Zoe shared his healthy appetite. With Zoe walking around in a bikini most of the time, Miles had resorted to thinking about baseball statistics to keep from acting on his desire.

11-06-18_8-24-14 PM (2)

With his need for Zoe sated for the moment, Miles worked out on the heavy bag while Zoe evolved and researched a plantain tree. She wondered aloud, “I could’ve sworn there were three plantain trees here yesterday. Now, there’s only one.” 

11-06-18_8-29-07 PM (3)

After finishing his workout, Miles brought out the garden planter that Zoe had crafted and moved the punching bag to make room. He planted four bell peppers from their recent harvest. 

11-06-18_8-48-54 PM (2)

Zoe was trying to learn all she could about the lemon tree as Miles watered their new plants. Then, as Zoe researched the avocado tree, Miles harvested cherries from the trees on the other side and did some research of his own.

It had gotten pretty dark by the time Zoe swam back to the island, and she realized then that she was pregnant. Everything clicked — the morning sickness, the hormonal fluctuations and, most notably, her previously flat stomach was now sporting a considerable baby bump.

Zoe was getting tired, hungry and felt a little grungy. So, she washed up before Miles got back. She was excited and a little apprehensive to tell him he was going to be a father.

11-06-18_9-04-54 PM (3)

While waiting for Miles to get back, Zoe lit a fire. Upon his return, Miles went into the shelter to get washed up before bed. It was after midnight.  

11-06-18_9-06-26 PM (2)

They only had one fish left, so Miles gave it to Zoe and ate fruit and veggies for dinner.

11-06-18_9-12-22 PM (2)

Both Miles and Zoe were tired from another long day out in the sun. Miles got up to go inside, but Zoe asked him to hang out for just another minute. He looked a little puzzled but agreed.

Zoe couldn’t stand the suspense any longer and blurted out, “Miles … I’m pregnant. We’re having a baby.”

11-06-18_9-12-56 PM (2)

Miles pumped his fist in the air and exclaimed, “Yeah! I’m going to be a Dad!?!”

Zoe was relieved to see Miles was as excited about the baby as she was. Still, there was something that was bothering her about her pregnancy. She wanted to talk to Miles about it but had decided to wait until morning.

11-06-18_9-14-14 PM (2)

Miles cleared his throat, not knowing how to tactfully broach the subject. “I don’t claim to know anything about having babies, but doesn’t it take longer than a day to know you’re pregnant? Please don’t misunderstand me, Zoe. I’m not doubting that I’m the baby’s father.”

“Yeah, there is something fishy about how far along I am, too, considering the baby must’ve been conceived last night. I shouldn’t be showing at all for the first three months or so. Yet, here I am with swollen breasts and a sizable baby bump only 24 hours later.”

“I didn’t want to say anything, but I can see what you mean. Your stomach was completely flat just a few hours ago.”

“I bet it has something to do with this island. I’m telling you, Miles, this isn’t any ordinary island. This morning, I noticed two of our plantain trees were missing. I know I’m not crazy — they were there yesterday.” 

“You’re right. I remember seeing three of them.”

“And now there’s only one.” Zoe could tell Miles was exhausted and was staying up for her sake. “You should get some sleep, Miles. You look beat. We can talk more tomorrow.”

“OK. Goodnight, Zoe,” he said, kissing her on the forehead.

“I’ll be there in a minute,” Zoe replied, wondering why they call it morning sickness if the nausea happens at night, too. Once her stomach had calmed down, she went inside to wash up, accidentally splashing water on the floor. 

11-06-18_9-18-49 PM (2)

Zoe was too exhausted to clean up the puddle and hoped it would evaporate by morning. She crawled into bed and fell asleep to the sounds of Miles softly snoring.

Author’s Notes:

At 9 AM on Day 4, I rolled the dice to determine the gods’ will for the day. I rolled:

Day 4 dice roll (2)

(10) Llamatipoca is angry! Sacrifice 2 fully grown harvestable plants/trees to the volcano. Bye bye harvest! Delete 2 fully grown harvestable plants/trees of your choice in build mode. 

I chose to sacrifice two plantain trees, neither of which had produced a harvest yet, even though they should have by now. (My guess is this is part of the Seasons glitch that affects harvests.)


8 thoughts on “Day 4 – Morning Sickness

  1. Plantains take such a long time to harvest the first time around. They’re like orchids. lol. I like that you’re using The Sims’ pregnancy timespan as a mysterious element of the island. That’s a great storytelling mechanism!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I had no idea plantain trees take so long to produce a harvest! I guess that wasn’t a glitch after all. Thanks for the heads-up! Since I installed Seasons, none of my plants produce a full harvest anymore. All I know is that I wasn’t about to sacrifice a cherry tree that gives them 7-8 harvestables daily.

      Thanks! There are so many things about this challenge that are hard to explain in the context of a story that I figured I had to make it all a big mystery. A pregnancy that happens overnight and will resolve itself in about 3 days makes no sense in real life. Plus, any kids will have to grow up at an accelerated rate because I need 8 Y/A sims to complete the challenge.

      Liked by 1 person

    • It wasn’t a great roll, but it could’ve been worse. I try to count my blessings. At least I didn’t roll a 12 (sacrifice a sim)! O.O Yeah, the island isn’t the ideal place to raise a family. Good luck dealing with your glitches (as I deal with mine). We can commiserate.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I am thinking that I have to abandon hope of using the island as a homebase. But I can factor of the things into my story. Kind of stinks because the premise of the challenge that I was trying to develop was survival while searching for the gyms. I might’ve been done that and do something else just go story wise with it

        Liked by 1 person

      • You could consider putting it on hiatus in case EA is able to fix the pool glitch. It’s happening to a lot of people, so it’s possible they’ll work on it soon. When my game
        glitches to the point where they can’t eat, I save, quit, delete the localthumbcache and start again. That seems to do the trick for me. I’m enjoying the challenge too much to quit at this point. I’d hate for you to give up on a challenge you were creating/beta testing. It could be fun once the glitch is fixed. *shrugs* What can we do, right?

        Liked by 1 person

      • LOL. I JUST responded to your previous comment by saying I’m having that same problem. Save, quit, delete the localthumbcache and all is well when you restart. At least it is for me. Weird, huh?

        Liked by 1 person

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