Reader Poll — Aging up Sims

Hello, readers!

If you’ve been following along with The Island Challenge, you know that Zoe is pregnant. šŸ™‚ To complete the challenge, I’ll need 8 sims who are young adults (or older). Some are likely to be washed ashore by a dice roll, although they could be of any age. Others will need to be born in game. Aging is turned off, so players can decide the length of each life stage.Ā 

Since baby sims have no personality, I will be aging them up to toddlers after one day. The challenge allows the free purchase of toddler furniture to take care of the little ones. However, I’m not sure if I want to include a potty chair or just use diapers. It’s a deserted island, after all.

Help me out, readers! How long should each life stage be? Let’s start with the toddlers:

Now, how about children and teenagers? They can’t attend school, but if you want to require a certain skill level before they age up, you can choose the “Other” option to share your thoughts.

Comments are welcome, as always! In fact, I’ve removed the requirement to provide your name and email address in case that was discouraging anyone from commenting.

Thanks for your input! I should be back next week with another chapter for you.

Happy Holidays, everyone! šŸ˜€

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