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Game Mods:


Custom Content:

I also use some (nondefault) custom skin, hair, eyes, makeup and clothing. I’ve included links where possible on the Resources page for each challenge. You can access them by clicking on a challenge name below or on their respective pages under ‘Resources’ on the menu bar.

100 Baby Challenge (Sims 3)

Abandoned Kids Challenge (Sims 4)

Toddler Mania Challenge (Sims 4)

The Island Challenge (Sims 4)


6 thoughts on “Resources

    • Thanks, Jenn. On the original screenshots (.PNG files), I use the ‘enhance’ feature on Microsoft Photos. It sharpens the images. TS4 images seem to have a blur or filmy effect that the ‘enhance’ feature removes. Then I use Paint to save the .PNG to a .JPG. It’s really simple — just takes a little time to go through all the screenshots. I’m glad to hear it’s worth the effort. 🙂

      One thing I’ve noticed, though, is if you have a sim with reddish eyes, ‘enhance’ will change the color because it thinks it’s removing red-eye. So, I have to leave those pics as is (from my upcoming Toddler Mania Challenge).


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