Day 11 – All Work and No Play

01-31-19_4-25-25 PM (2)

Elisa woke up at 6:50 am. She was sore from yesterday’s workout on the heavy bag. While Cloud was still sleeping, she took advantage of the tiny bit of privacy she had and used the sink to wash up. Then she swam over to the main planting area and tended the garden.

01-31-19_4-58-29 PM (2)

A short while later, Zoe and Miles woke up and potty trained the twins.

01-31-19_5-27-42 PM (2)

As Miles was walking toward the shelter to wash up, he looked at the enormous cowplant and wondered if it would need to be fed anything. The last thing he wanted was for it to take a bite out of someone with those sharp teeth. So, he offered it a fish from a previous day’s catch. The cowplant opened its jaw wide, snapping it up, and Miles made a mental note to feed it on a regular basis, just to be safe.

01-31-19_5-11-49 PM (2)

Meanwhile, Cloud was spending some time over at the pond, casting his reel.

01-31-19_5-30-57 PM (2)

Cloud brought Zoe a large trout he’d just caught, and she began frying it on the grill for breakfast.

01-31-19_5-35-33 PM (2)

Cloud went back to the pond and tried his luck catching frogs. They were slippery little suckers, and he only managed to catch one. He went back to fishing instead.

01-31-19_5-37-34 PM (3)

When the trout was cooked, Zoe called everyone over so they could have their meal together.

01-31-19_5-40-51 PM (2)

When they’d finished eating, Elisa immediately got up and collected the dirty dishes. Since Zoe had cooked, she figured it was only fair that someone else handle clean-up duty.

Zoe chatted with Cloud for a bit and then went inside and got washed up.

Now that the kids’ bellies were full, it was a great time to teach them some skills. Elisa helped Sunny learn the names of animals.

Skye made it clear that she wanted her Daddy’s attention. So, he enveloped his tiny daughter in his arms and then spent some time teaching her about her basic needs.

01-31-19_6-04-52 PM (2)

Then Zoe and Elisa tried to teach the twins to talk while Miles tended the back garden and then continued crafting dining chairs. Miles figured if he kept practicing, he’d be able to make something else useful. He was proud of the dining room set he’d made and wondered if he could fashion a tub out of wood. They could really use one. Sharing one sink was definitely not ideal.

By 4:00 the twins had become frustrated with learning new things, so Zoe and Elisa gave them a much-needed break. It had been all work and no play, which made for cranky toddlers.

Zoe looked over at Elisa and said, “Let’s have some fun. Follow my lead.” Zoe picked up Skye and gave her a piggyback and then pretended she couldn’t see her anymore. Skye giggled as she peeked around at her Mommy, who was looking everywhere with a confused look on her face, saying, “Skye? Skye, where’d you go?”

Elisa tossed Sunny in the air and flipped her around as Sunny giggled in delight.

When playtime was over, the twins weren’t happy. Sunny scowled at Elisa when she put her down and said, “All done now.”

Skye was giving Zoe the stink-eye, too. Zoe tried to comfort her daughter by giving her a hug.

Skye wasn’t having it and recoiled from Zoe’s touch. For a moment, Zoe felt like the worst mother in the world.

01-31-19_6-40-23 PM (3)

Once the twins had calmed down, Elisa went over to play with the cowplant for a bit.

01-31-19_6-36-41 PM (2)

Meanwhile, Cloud had felt a burst of energy and went swimming for a while.

01-31-19_6-42-21 PM (2)

After having both girls use the potty, Zoe put them down for a nap at 7:00. They were getting tired and cranky. Zoe sat on the edge of Sunny’s bed and read the handiness book. Sunny was curled up in the fetal position near her pillow, leaving Zoe plenty of space to sit.

Miles went fishing for a bit to break up his crafting monotony. Cloud was floating in the water after his swim and then came back to work out on the heavy bag to burn off some excess energy.

01-31-19_7-17-24 PM (2)

The girls woke up from their nap, and Elisa helped Skye learn the names of some animals.

Sunny went for a walk and tried to figure out what each plant was, tilting her head to the side as if saying, “What’s that?”

01-31-19_7-20-17 PM (2)

When Miles got back from fishing, he handed Zoe a betta that he’d caught.

“Thanks, Miles,” said Zoe. “Looks like we’re having a fish fry for dinner.”

“Sounds good, babe. I’m going to get washed up.”

When Miles went inside the shelter, he saw Cloud sitting on Elisa’s bed, reading the handiness book.

Zoe called their makeshift family to dinner when the fish was cooked, and they chatted while they ate.

After eating, Elisa went to ‘fertilize’ a bush and Cloud did the dishes. Afterwards, they both hit the sack since it was pretty late.

01-31-19_7-30-56 PM (2)

Zoe tucked Skye into bed and read her a story.

01-31-19_7-32-47 PM (2)

She was finished before Miles, who had been reading to Sunny. Zoe listened in as Miles read the book, using different voices for each of the characters.

01-31-19_7-39-02 PM (2)

Once the twins were asleep, Zoe said, “You know, it’s really beautiful here. I’ll bet there are about a million stars in the sky.” She lay down on the sandy beach and looked up at the inky black sky awash with twinkling stars. Miles joined her, and they stargazed for the first time since their arrival on the island.

After a short while, Miles got up and brushed the sand off his shorts. “OK, babe. Let’s get to bed. You know the girls will be up early, and we need our rest.”

“I’m right behind you, Miles.”

Author’s Notes:

At 9 AM on Day 11, I rolled the dice to determine the gods’ will for the day.

Day 11 dice roll

(8) Llamatipoca is sending a thunderstorm to the island. Sadly, one of your Sims (your choice) gets struck by lightning and loses 4 skill points. 

Before the dice roll:

Day 11 skills - before

After the dice roll:

Day 11 skills - after

Using MC Command Center, I removed 4 skill points from Miles — 2 points each in charisma and comedy. It was Miles’s turn to take one for the team. This is the fourth time I’ve rolled an 8, and Zoe’s given up 8 skill points so far. (Zoe and Miles had no skills to lose on Day 1 when I first rolled an 8.) Since fishing, fitness and gardening are challenge requirements, I try to not to affect those. I’ve also been trying to increase Miles’s handiness skill to the point where he can craft some much-needed bathroom fixtures. So, that skill’s off limits.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The twins were due to age up today but haven’t yet reached level 3 in all skills. So, I’m putting it off until tomorrow so they can gain the Happy Toddler Trait.