The Rules – Abandoned Kids Challenge

Abandoned Kids Challenge (Sims 4)

A single teenager raises her sibling(s) with no money. The challenge was created by XOXK9 on the Sims site (original forum post here). Many thanks to XOXK9 and the players who uploaded YouTube videos of their Abandoned Kids Challenges for inspiring me to try it myself.

Imagine what happens when you’re a teen with no money, no food and no adult support and you’re responsible for the care of your younger sibling(s). You either rise to the occasion or your sibling(s) get put up for adoption.

  • 😎  The challenge succeeds when the last child ages up to teenager.
  • 😥  The challenge fails when any child gets taken away from the household or anyone dies.

The Rules:

  • Create a household with one teenager and one or more younger siblings (no parents).
  • Move the family to an empty lot.
  • Deplete their income to $0. (I used the cheat:  money 0.)
  • The family can gather and sell collectibles, fish, plants, etc., to earn money.
  • The teenager cannot get a part-time job until the family has a fixed address. This means they must have a house with at least:
    • Four walls, one door and one window
    • One toilet, one bed and one sink
  • Aging must occur naturally.
  • No cheating except for the initial money cheat to deplete your funds or to repair your game (e.g., resetsims).
  • If an electrical outlet or plumbing is required for certain items to work, the family will need to have a house (four walls and a door) before purchasing them. Examples include bathroom fixtures, kitchen appliances, computers and TVs.
  • There is no restriction on purchasing portable items (e.g., easel) or creating things with the woodworking bench.
  • Travel is only permitted with all sims in the household. When the kids are in school, the teenager can travel alone.
  • Neighbor facilities are off limits until you reach a certain relationship level with them. Then the facilities are unlocked for the entire household, except for any sims who have a negative relationship with the neighbor.
    • 😎  Friendship Level unlocks:
      • Disliked / Hated:  Cannot use anything in this sim’s house.
      • Friend:  Stove, BBQ, fridge are unlocked.
      • Good Friend:  Shower is unlocked.
      • Best Friend:  Bed is unlocked; garden – help yourself.
    • ❤  Romance Level unlocks:
      • Lovebirds:  Stove, BBQ, fridge are unlocked.
      • Lovers / Girlfriend-Boyfriend / Sweetheart:  Shower is unlocked.
      • Soulmates:  Bed is unlocked; garden – help yourself. The teen may use the bed to ‘mess around’ prior to this point but cannot sleep in it.

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