The Rules – The Island Challenge

The Island Challenge (Sims 4)

A pair of Sims finds themselves stranded on a deserted island and must endure the will of an angry god to become the ultimate survivors. The challenge was created by Simproved on the Sims Community site (original post here). Many thanks to Simproved and the players who attempted the challenge before me for inspiring me to give it a try. Additional tips can be found on Simproved’s post, as well as in several Let’s Play series available on YouTube.

  • 😎  The challenge succeeds when you have 8 Sims living on the island that are at least level 4 in fishing, fitness and gardening.
  • 😥  The challenge fails if all Sims die.


Far away in the Simsian Sea lies a tropical island without a name. It is home of two gods. One is the red fire god, Llamatipoca, who lives in the volcano of the island and is an unforgiving, short-tempered god who constantly ask for favors, rituals and offerings to still his hunger for attention. The other one is the absolute counterpart of the volcano god. Its appearance is so beautiful that there is no comparison of beauty in the universe. It’s the wise, white god of light, fertility and humor. They say it answers to the name of “Player.” This god wants every plant, animal and Sim living on the island to flourish and reach its full potential. “Player” keeps the balance of nature on the island and watches over every single being that lives on it. Especially the Sims.

The Prophecy:

It is said that one day, two Sims will reach the island, and the final battle of the gods will begin. Both gods will work wonders and miracles to change the course of fate of the island. They say that only 8 Sims who are master survivors will perform the ritual of all rituals and free the island of this battle and ascend to the heavens of glory.

Getting Started:

  • Create a household with 2 young adult sims.
    • Traits and aspirations don’t matter in this case, so choose wisely. A squeamish snob will make the challenge harder than a cheerful outdoor lover.
    • Gender doesn’t matter. However, it is recommended to start with a couple that can produce children.
    • Both Sims start with no skills and nothing in their inventories.
    • Appearance doesn’t matter. You can make them look and dress them however you like.
    • Sims can either know each other or be complete strangers.
    • You control all Sims on the island.
  • A few objects have been included on the island. Every other usable object must be crafted during game play, as explained below.
  • Everything the Sims can fish, catch, dig up or find in any other way on the lot is fair game.
  • Turn aging off. Players can decide when to age up their Sims.
  • Toddlers and children:
    • This challenge was created before toddlers were available. Since we don’t want your toddler taken away, you are, of course, allowed to buy a potty, high chair and a bed! Also, because they can’t eat roasted fish, you can feed them anything you want.
    • Simproved tested that, as long as their other needs were met, children who don’t go to school are safe from the social worker.
  • When your Sims are placed on the lot, they will be outside of the island proper. Send them through the gate and lock it behind them so no one can get in or out.
  • Have your Sims swim to the island.

As a god, you have mighty powers and have to use them right away. Use CTRL+SHIFT+C to activate your powers and type in these 3 spells:

  • testingcheats on
  • household.autopay_bills true
  • money 666999

If you reload the game, you have to redo this procedure. We don’t want your godly powers to get rusty, do we?

How to Play:

  • Your Sims can’t leave the island (lot). They are cut off from civilization completely. No jobs, no luxury items, no electricity! Your Sims are alone on this island now. Stranded. Exhausted. But with hope! You as their godly helper will ensure they make it till the final ritual. The Sims have to work with what they have, which is not much! But hey, at least the sun is always shining and nature has a lot to give.
  • What your Sims will mainly do is tend the fruit trees, fish in the pond, work on their skills and craft objects that will make life on the island more comfortable. Crafting is one of the key aspects during this challenge. The Sims can create some furniture pieces or art with the workbench, but can also collect twigs that are scattered throughout the island to create some usable objects. (See “The Crafting System,” below.)
  • Every day, the gods will intervene and change the fate of your Sims. Roll the dice to find out what they have in store for them! (Details below.) Make sure to take good care of all of your Sims. You, as their god, can control them and point them in the right direction.  Have fun and good luck!!

How to Get More Sims to the Island?

Your Sims can have children and start some sort of super survival family. If the gods want to, they will send you some Sims during the challenge (more down below). Since aging is set to off and you need 8 young adult or older Sims for the final ritual, you have to age up Sims in CAS. (CTRL+SHIFT+C and type in bb.casfulleditmode into the console, then SHIFT click on Sim to go to CAS and age him/her up.)

The Dice Roll – The Will of the Gods:

  • Always have your dice on hand. They represent the gods’ will — one for the “The Player” and one for Llamatipoca, the volcano god. Black and white. Good and evil. They are the yin and the yang of this challenge and whatever they decide must be executed!
  • You have to roll the dice every Sim day in the morning when the sun is still on the rise. The dice will tell you what the gods have in store for your Sims. You have to execute the will right away. Pause the game/go to build mode and do as the gods say. Don’t miss a dice roll! If you forget a day, the gods get angry and they will kill a Sim! (Follow the god’s will for a dice roll of 12, listed below.)

Dice Rolls

  • (2) The white god shines its light of happiness and fertility on the island. Every Sim is suddenly feeling better and draws more hope out of this miracle. Make all Sims happy from spells list.
  • (3) Wow! What is this thing? What does it do? A new skill object gets washed ashore! You won’t believe what mysterious and odd objects can reach this island … amazing! Every skill object except electronic items is allowed. Choose one.
  • (4) 15 new twigs! Get 15 new twigs and place them on the island. (You can access buy/debug mode by pressing the keys CTRL+SHIFT+C and then typing bb.showhiddenobjects into the console. You can find all collectibles there. Type “twigs” in the search bar.)
  • (5) The white god is pleased with your achievements! He shines his bright light of wisdom on one of your Sims! The Sim of your choice gets 2 new skill points. Use the skill cheat in spells.
  • (6) The tide is declining and a new Sim gets washed ashore! Who is this? Where did this Sim come from? Only the gods know….
    • In CAS, add a Sim who is fully random in traits, aspiration and age. Appearance and sexuality is your desire. If you already have 8 Sims in the household, you can ignore this will. We assume the Sim died on the exhausting journey to the island. Place a skeleton if you’d like it to look realistic.
  • (7) 5 new twigs! Get 5 new twigs and place them on the island. (See #4 for instructions on obtaining twigs.)
  • (8) Llamatipoca is sending a thunderstorm to the island. Sadly, one of your Sims (your choice) gets struck by lightning and loses 4 skill points. Remove 4 skill points of your choice using the cheat in spells (or MC Command Center, if you use that mod).
  • (9) The white god has blessed one of your Sims! Your Sim suddenly has a new survival talent! Give one Sim 4,000 aspiration points by using the cheat in spells.
  • (10) Llamatipoca is angry! Sacrifice 2 fully grown harvestable plants/trees to the volcano. Bye bye harvest! Delete 2 fully grown harvestable plants/trees of your choice in build mode. 
  • (11) Oh, wow! This is exactly what we always wanted! Your Sims are so glad the gods have heard their prayers and sent them a new object to the island. Go shopping! Go wild — you can choose whatever you like, regardless of cost, in build/buy mode.
  • (12) Llamatipoca is absolutely furious that you are disturbing his sleep! Sacrifice a Sim in the volcano to calm him! Preferably a virgin. Direct the Sim to swim in the volcano pool and block the border with stones or fences. This Sim must drown to death.  😥

Spells You Can Use for Dice Rolls:

  • Make Sims Happy:
    • SHIFT click on the mailbox and click “Fill Needs Household”
    • SHIFT click on Sim and click “Make Happy”
  • Give Sims Skill Points (while Sim is selected)
    • stats.set_level skill_fitness [enter level]
    • stats.set_skill_level major_fishing [enter level]
    • stats.set_skill_level major_gardening [enter level]
  • Give Sims Aspiration Points (while Sim is selected)
    • sims.give_satisfaction_points [enter amount]

The Crafting System:

  • You may have noticed that you get a lot of twigs during this challenge. Those are very important in building new objects and shaping the appearance and habitability of the island. Your Sims can craft objects that may be very useful in game. Objects crafted with the workbench don’t use up twigs and are allowed for use. If an object is not on the crafting list, it’s not allowed.* Decorative objects that don’t affect the Sims in any way (no skill objects or any object with an interaction other than “view”) are allowed at any time.
    • Bed (double) = 10 Twigs
    • Bed (single) = 5 Twigs
    • Hut without furniture = 40 Twigs & 4 Fruit
      • Build a hut wherever and however you want. It’s purely decorational! But having some huts surely looks cool!
    • Fishing Area = 30 Twigs
    • Campfire/Grill = 5 Twigs
    • Workbench = 10 Twigs
    • Bonfire = 10 Twigs
    • Bench = 5 Twigs
    • Chair = 3 Twigs
    • Table (single) = 8 Twigs
    • Table (2 slots) = 10 Twigs
    • Table (3 slots) = 15 Twigs
    • Ottoman = 5 Twigs
    • Shower = 25 Twigs
    • Sink = 15 Twigs
    • Bathtub = 30 Twigs
    • Bar = 20 Twigs
    • Bookshelf = 10 Twigs
    • Shelf = 3 Twigs
    • Chest = 5 Twigs
    • Wedding Arch = 5 Twigs
      • *Note:  The crafting list was made before the existing of several packs and updates. Simproved stated she will allow players the freedom to decide how many twigs a desired object is worth.

Ending the Challenge:

When you have 8 grown Sims, you can start the ritual! All Sims have to be level 4 in fishing, fitness and gardening! Get them naked and let them dance around a big bonfire (craft with twigs) or a wedding arch (craft with twigs) if you only have the base game. Music and some fishy or fruity sacrifice can be useful! You are a god, remember? How do you want to be wooed? Arrange the ritual however you want. Be creative! Have fun! Enjoy your last day with your Sims and say goodbye!

Have fun! And may the gods’ will be ever in your favor!