Day 5 – Burning Up

Miles woke up at 8:00 on Thursday morning feeling ravenous. He ate a handful of cherries to take the edge off his hunger and then swam across to the main planting area to ‘fertilize’ a bush. He watered the plants and harvested tomatoes, bell peppers and cherries.

A little while later, Zoe woke up feeling nauseated and ate some cherries to settle her stomach. Saltine crackers would’ve been better, but she was stuck on a no-carb diet whether she liked it or not. After relieving herself in a nearby bush, she evolved the cherry tree and harvested nearly three dozen tomatoes from the planter.

11-06-18_9-31-46 PM (2)

At 9 AM, Miles looked up from his work to see that the remaining plantain tree and their only lemon tree had vanished into thin air. “What the…? I just watered those trees,” he muttered to himself. After planting a couple of replacement trees, Miles swam back to the island and harvested a few more cherries from the tree they’d planted earlier in the week. Strangely enough, it was now a fully mature tree.

11-06-18_9-43-16 PM (2)

Once Zoe had harvested all the ripe fruits and vegetables on the island, she went fishing and caught a pomegranate, a tetra and a perch.

11-06-18_9-41-25 PM (2)

Miles had joined Zoe, fishing from the other side of the pond. He was startled when he reeled in his catch and saw a pufferfish dangling from the hook. He knew from going deep-sea fishing with his father that pufferfish are deadly to humans. He was careful not to touch the poisonous spikes that covered its body as he tossed it back into the water.

Miles shuddered, thinking about what could’ve happened if Zoe had caught the fish instead of him. Having fished enough for one day, Miles and Zoe packed it in, and Miles filled her in on the dangers of pufferfish as they walked.

11-06-18_9-46-44 PM (2)

They were both hungry for lunch when they arrived at the fire pit. Miles lit a fire, and the couple began roasting the two small fish Zoe had caught.

11-06-18_9-47-49 PM (2)

“Miles, are you feeling OK?”

“I don’t know, Zoe. I feel kind of feverish, like I’m coming down with something.”

“That’s not good. Maybe you should go lie down after lunch.”

“Yeah, maybe I’ll do that.”

11-06-18_9-50-27 PM (2)

Zoe’s stomach wasn’t too sure it liked the idea of fish for lunch, and she felt a bit queasy.

A sudden gust of wind blew the fire towards Miles, and his arm caught on fire!

[*smdh* Yes, Miles discovered the fire — with his arm! And speaking of a fire spreading out of control…]

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Before he knew it, Miles was engulfed in flames, and Zoe quickly came to his rescue, armed with a fire extinguisher that appeared out of thin air. Miles quickly dropped to the ground and rolled in the sand to douse the flames. Then he helped Zoe extinguish the fire.

11-06-18_9-56-03 PM (2)

After they’d finished eating lunch, Miles wasn’t feeling any better. He was burning up with fever, not to mention the first-degree burns from the fire.

As Zoe had suggested, Miles went to lie down in the shelter, where he’d be shaded from the rays of the sun.

Zoe was getting annoyed by the constant pressure on her bladder and relieved herself in the nearest bush. It was mid-afternoon by now.

11-07-18_9-06-15 PM (2)

She eyed the punching bag and decided that was as good a place as any to work out her frustrations. So, she got dressed and hit the bag with all her might.

Miles woke up a couple of hours later and was feeling much better. He washed up and then watered and researched the tomato plants.

Zoe quit boxing before her arms got too sore and headed over to the pond to do some fishing, catching a tetra and a perch.

11-07-18_9-28-17 PM (2)

Then she headed back to the shelter to change out of her clothes and get washed up. Once again, the sink sprang a leak, but Zoe was able to repair it fairly easily.

Miles joined her a few minutes later, greeting her with a warm hug.

11-07-18_9-32-29 PM (3)

Sliding his hand down to her lower back, Miles held Zoe flush against him as he kissed her senseless. When he ended the kiss, Miles took Zoe’s hand, led her to the twin bed and sat down, patting the spot next to him.

11-07-18_9-36-36 PM (2)

“Zoe, do you know how crazy you make me? I swear you’re even more beautiful now that you’re carrying my baby.”

Seeing the blatant desire in Miles’s eyes, Zoe had no choice but to believe him. “You really mean that, don’t you?”

“Yeah, I’m having a tough time keeping my hands off you, to be honest.”

“Who says you have to? It’s just you and me on this island. What better way to spend our time?” Zoe giggled flirtatiously.

11-07-18_9-37-46 PM (2)

“Mm … I couldn’t agree more,” said Miles as he cradled Zoe in his arms and kissed her hungrily.

It didn’t take long before they were off in search of a place to pursue their favorite pastime. It’s not like the island offered a lot of ways for the couple to entertain themselves. With Zoe’s hormones sending her libido into overdrive, she was game pretty much anytime, much to Miles’s delight.

11-07-18_9-50-52 PM (2)

After working up an appetite, the couple roasted fish over the fire.

“Between the poisonous fish and me catching on fire, I almost forgot to tell you!” exclaimed Miles. “Early this morning, when I was tending the main garden, two trees disappeared into thin air!”

“What? Not again!”

“Yeah, I had just watered all the plants and I turned around and saw that the plantain and lemon trees were gone.”

11-07-18_9-52-47 PM (2)

“I’m telling you Miles, it’s this island. Sometimes it gives us things out of the blue, and other times, it takes things away. I don’t understand it, but I can’t think of any other explanation for it.”

“If your theory is right about a god watching over the inhabitants of this island, I’m not so sure it’s a benevolent god after all. I just wish I knew what we had to do to stay on its good side because I don’t want to anger it again. It’s already cost us four trees in two days. I mean, I planted an avocado tree and another cherry tree to replace them, but who knows what it might cost us next time.”

“Yeah. I’d rather not think about that right before bed. I don’t want to have nightmares.”

“I’ll keep you and our baby safe, Zoe — no matter what it takes.”

Subconsciously stroking her baby bump, Zoe replied, “Thanks, Miles. We’d appreciate that.”

When they finished eating, Miles put out the fire while Zoe ‘fertilized’ a nearby bush. By the time they cleaned up and went to sleep, it was about 1 AM.

Author’s Notes:

At 9 AM on Day 5, I rolled the dice to determine the gods’ will for the day. I rolled:

Day 5 dice roll (2)

(10) Llamatipoca is angry! Sacrifice 2 fully grown harvestable plants/trees to the volcano. Bye bye harvest! Delete 2 fully grown harvestable plants/trees of your choice in build mode. 

I chose to sacrifice a plantain tree and a lemon tree, neither of which had produced a harvest yet. (They’re the final two plants on the island that were affected by the Seasons glitch. Had I known they’d never produce a harvest, I would’ve swapped them out at the start of the challenge.)

I edited the island a bit, expanding the beach area around the fishing pond to make it easier to walk around. I moved the tall grass Zoe is always stuck fishing behind and added some floor lighting beneath some of the rocks and bushes so the photos wouldn’t be as dark at night. And because the trash can on the island lot was not an exterior trash can, I swapped it out. It was already overflowing with trash.

Finally, I noticed that there were twigs inside the fire pit, so I put them into Zoe’s inventory, raising the current total to 25. If you look closely, you’ll see the twigs were visible in the fire pit at lunchtime but not at dinnertime.

4 thoughts on “Day 5 – Burning Up

    • When they arrived on the island, there were piles of twigs scattered around. They gathered them up and put them in their inventory. I’d missed the twigs that were hidden in the fire pit.

      According to the challenge rules, you can purchase items to make life on the island easier by using the twigs, e.g., 10 twigs = a double bed, 25 twigs = a shower. Simproved included a list of items that can be purchased, along with their cost in twigs.


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